Feature Fridays


Feature Friday's are a series of interviews produced by the SLIAC in order to show what it means to be an NCAA Division III Student-Athlete. The goal is to give fans a better look at the life of our student-athletes and to get to know them outside of the athletic world.

2013-14 Season
2014-15 Season
2015-16 Season
2016-17 Season
2017-18 Season

2018-19 Season


Feature Friday with Sam Pellegrini
Principia College - Men's Cross Country

This week's St. Louis Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Feature Friday interview is with Sam Pelligrini, a men's cross country runner at Principia College. Sam, a two-sport athlete at Principia, discusses his training to become an officer, plus find out more about Sam including his favorite superhero......MORE


Feature Friday with Connor Bandre'
Westminster College - Men's Soccer

This week's SLIAC Feature Friday is with Connor Bandre', a men's soccer player at Westminster College. Connor, a junior, talks about the continued success of the Blue Jays program. Get to know Connor in this week's video interview.....MORE


Feature Friday with McKenna Cleer
Eureka College - Volleyball

This week's SLIAC Feature Friday is with McKenna Cleer, a volleyball player at Eureka College. Cleer, a senior, talks about how her training with the Red Devils football team helped her progress on the court to earn a starting position on the volleyball team. Get to know McKenna in this week's video interview.....MORE